Combination of Bling Crystal Cell Phone / Mobile Phone and Russian Matryoshka doll Charm

My masterpiece here:

A special combination of Multifunction Cell Phone and Matryoshka doll Charm

Just a soft reminder, this phone must be a surprise to be a gift or present


Design: Covered with crystals in on Charm Side (OPTIONAL - CAN PICK ANOTHER COLOR)

Color: Black

Crystals: Czech Crystals (OPTIONAL - CAN PICK Swarovski with extra charges)

Coverage: Please refer to photos

** Please let me know if you have any new idea to customize your dream bag or make a little bit changes like CHANGING THE COLOR OR ADDING SOMETHING ON THE PHONE. We sincerely welcome every single idea to boost our creativity.

-------------------------Phone Details----------------------------

Package includes:
1. Phone
2. Charger
3. Chain
4. Box Cover
5. Operation Manual

1. Long Standby time: 3-4days
2. Light: less than 100g
3. Convenient to carry: can be used as charm
4. Mini Color Screen

1. Normal call:
- make and receive calls,
- caller groups settings,
- call settings,
- call waiting,
- call forwarding,
- call reverting,
- advanced settings
- able to store up to 300 groups of phone numbers and 20 groups caller group number.
- adjustable phone volume by pressing the right arrow keys

2. Send and receive SMS:
- Cell Broadcast, SMS / MMS settings.

3. Mobile Internet:
- GPRS Internet service(No 3G)

4. multimedia features:
- album,
- video player,
- music player, MP3,
- voice recorder,
- FM radio

5. Set features:
- phone settings: Time and date, timer switch, language (Chinese / English), the preferred input method, the standby menu display, flight mode / normal mode, the other set the LCD backlight brightness / time.
- network settings
- security settings: Sim card security settings, the phone security settings, key lock on / off.
- external connections: Bluetooth, network data accounts.
- restore the factory settings.

6. Toolbox:
- alarm clock,
- phone manual (detailed description of the functional operation guidelines).

7. scene modes:
- Standard mode (ring),
- silent mode,
- meeting,
- outdoor mode.

8. shortcut function:
- add contacts,
- alarm clock.

9. Document management:
- Memory can be expanded to 8G.

10. Additional features:
- eBook.

If you are looking for

- something which can illuminate you
- something which can make you stylish, elegant and gorgeous
- a design which comes from your own inspiration or creativity


We welcome you to  ZOE'S HOUSE OF CRYSTAL

Zoe's house has made a lot of effort on putting crystals or pearl onto items to make a different style and feeling. We hope to get your interest in our design of crystal of pearl.

Zoe's house has cellphone cases, handbags, boots, jackets, gloves, scarfs, accessories, etc and all of them come with SHINNING CRYSTAL OR PEARL.

If you want to customize your own design of crystal or pearl onto an item, we are so glad to welcome you to give us the new idea and we will try our best to accommodate your request.





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Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question and we welcome all kind of custom request.


For anyone who is asking about the differences between Czech and Swarovski?

Firstly the price of Swarovski is the most expensive but Swarovski really gives a superb shine

If u are not willing to spend much but would love to have a shinning crystals beside you. Czech crystal might be your good choice as Czech is  not far away from Swarovski in ability to shine.


PS:  This item is made of Czech crystal


Please allow 14 working days for the item to be completed depends on the  complexity and design. It may take longer if we have a high volume of order in hands. We will provide pictures once the order is done only if  requested.


Normally we provide express courier service like EMS Hong Kong or EMS China or DHL or Fedex or UPS. We will choose to ship your item using one of those courier service depend on the weight and size of your items. It usually take 1-5 business days to arrive depending on your destination

For international orders, buyer is responsible for all customs & duty fees.

Anyway, air mail with tracking number will be used with customer's request. The cost of delivery is cheaper however it will take longer time to arrive. 8-14days to arrive

I just want to be a real me

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